Clear Internship

The What

We are shaping a community of Christ-followers to be fully devoted through sustainable Christ-like character and to make a difference in their circle of influence.

The Why

We want to see our interns live a life that is honorable, respected, authentically reflects Christ, and makes a difference in their world. (Hebrews 13:7-8)

Why should I take a year to do the Clear Internship?

We have spoken with so many students who have gone to college and shared that they were not prepared for it. Colleges now expect their students to show up prepared to start a track that they plan to finish, so if a freshman is not sure what major they wish to pursue, they find themselves either in a major they shouldn’t be, or in more debt than they can handle. Participating as a Clear Intern is a great opportunity to develop character and build competence so that each Intern has a firm grasp on not only the scriptures, but also an honest understanding of themselves so that they can walk in their purpose and calling.

Clear wants to see this generation thrive through Christ-folloing, sustainable character.

What is the difference between Intern and Summer Staff?

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Clear Intern Director

Alice Lothman

Alice Lothman was born and raised in Conroe, Texas. After high school, Alice attended and graduated from Sam Houston
State University with a Bachelors of Music. She then taught in the Texas Public School System for four years before moving to Shreveport, Louisiana to begin working with Clear, Inc. full-time. Alice now directs the Clear Interns Program.

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